Solar energy isn’t solely popular with homeowners; it’s become increasingly popular amongst Irish commercial property owners, as well. This is because commercial solar panels can save you and your company money. While this is, of course, an excellent benefit, the transition to solar energy is also good for the environment. Finding a resource that can save the environment and put money back into your wallet is an excellent opportunity commercial business owners throughout Ireland should take advantage of. However, if you want to get started, it’s important to have a good understanding of what commercial solar PV is – and why it’s a viable solution for you and your business. 


What is Commercial Solar PV System?


A typical solar panel system is a type of device that collects sunlight and converts it to usable energy and electricity that can heat water systems and be used for interior heating, lighting, and generating power. These solar panel systems are made up of solar cells (or commonly referred to as photovoltaic cells) that are made up of wire and metal that is covered in a glass frame. 


A commercial solar PV system is essentially this exact type of device only on a much larger scale. Whereas the average residential solar panel system is approximately 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall, a commercial solar panel system is 6.5 by 3.25 feet in diameter. These systems are installed on the roof of your property and can take upward of five days to install, depending on the size of your property and how many panels you need. 


How Does a Commercial Solar PV System Work?


Once a commercial solar PV system is installed on your property, the solar panels will immediately start harvesting the light from the sun. This is then converted to electricity via an inverter. This inverter then sends the electricity back to the grid, which is used to provide power to your commercial property. Any excess power that isn’t needed can be sent back to the grid for consumption by someone else. 


Benefits of Commercial Solar PV


The benefits of a commercial solar PV system for Irish business owners are numerous. Below, we outline the top benefits of these systems: 


1. Cost-Effective


One of the biggest benefits for companies using commercial solar PV systems is how much money they can save per month on their electricity bill, not to mention their overhead costs as a whole. Many businesses that opt for the installation of a commercial solar PV system may be able to take advantage of business tax credits, which can help reduce a company’s taxable income. Under Section 486B, businesses in Ireland that take advantage of eligible renewable energy sources can seek relief for investment in renewable energy. 


Furthermore, commercial properties can save money on their monthly bills since they have the ability to send excess power back to the grid. This means you’re not paying for what you don’t need, which can significantly offset your monthly costs.  


2. Reduces Your Carbon Footprint


The transition to a commercial solar panel system is not only good for your wallet, but it’s good for the environment, as well. Electricity is often derived from fossil fuels – non-renewable energy sources such as oil and coal that are derived from decayed plants and animals. Even though fossil fuels have long been touted as one of the most popular forms of energy formation, these fossil fuels have a severely negative effect on the environment. 


First and foremost, unlike solar energy, fossil fuels are considered non-renewable because they cannot be replenished in a short time frame as the sun can. This means that obtaining them is a constant job in order to keep up with popular demand. Second, when fossil fuels are burned, they release large amounts of carbon dioxide back into the environment. While carbon dioxide is necessary for keeping our planet warm, fossil fuels release too much of it, causing it to get trapped in our atmosphere. This, unfortunately, has a negative effect on the planet and can cause the average global temperature to rise. If temperatures get too high, it could cause landslides and rivers to disappear. 


This brings us to our next point…


3. Turning to Solar Energy Allows You to Become a Green Business


Today’s consumer of goods prefers to support businesses that align with their personal values. Sustainability is one of these common values. In fact, a 2021 study performed by Ipsos surveyed 25 counties from around Asia and Europe and learned that 63% of customers think that companies that take an active stand against climate change is of utmost importance. 


With sustainability being at the forefront of so many buyers’ minds, taking a step to improve Ireland’s fight against climate change can be incredibly beneficial in the long run. By taking proactive steps to utilize an alternative form of energy, you help improve your company’s Green Credentials, which will make you an active participant in Ireland’s fight against climate change. With Ireland’s average temperature expected to increase 1-1.6 degrees Celcius in the future, the good news is that these statistics are only a projection of what could be if the transition to renewable energy sources isn’t made now. Plus, knowing them can help companies turn the tide in regards to saving the environment and providing a company mission that aligns with their customers’ values. 


Contact Alternative Energy Ireland For All of Your Commercial Solar Panel Needs


There are many benefits that come from the installation of a commercial solar panel system. Companies in Ireland are routinely taking steps to better the environment, and doing so can go a long way for both your business goals and reputation. 


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