If a solar system is right for your business, but you don’t want to pay for the install upfront, then our Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is what you’re looking for.

commercial solar ppa

A Solar System with no upfront cost - How?

Simply put, we sell the electricity from the solar system to your business. This electricity costs less than electricity from the grid and its 100% renewable. Great for companies that wish to improve their Green credentials with no upfront costs. If you're looking to improve your corporate social responsibility without hurting your balance sheet, then our Solar PPA is for you.

commercial ppa solar

How does it work?

You do need to be spending at least €30,000 per year on electricity for this solution to work. We rent a portion of your roof space for the contract length. This can be 15-20 years. We then sell the electricity from the solar pv system to you for this period. We assume responsibility for all installation costs and maintenance during this period. When the contract expires, the solar system is gifted back to you at no cost. The electricity can be 5-20% cheaper than the prevailing grid rate. Naturally, this situation suits many types of businesses.

Our Solar PPA Explained

Deeper Savings with business solar energy
No Cost
We supply and install the Solar system free of cost to you. We also service and maintain the solar system each year free of costs.
Become a green business
Green Credentials
If your wish to improve your green credentials or achieve ISO14001 certification then our PPA is a very quick way to do this.
Energy Security
Energy Security
Ensuring you always have reliable power available to your business is essential. Having onsite, behind the meter generation is a great way to do this.
Reduce carbon emmisions
Reduced carbon footprint
Installing our Solar system will dramatically reduce your companies carbon footprint. All the electricity that comes from our solar system is 100% renewable and free from carbon taxes.
Variable unit rate
Protection from Energy inflation
Our solar system is a great way to know what your cost of electricity will be each year. Electricity costs rise year on year but our PPA is predictable as all costs are accumulated in year one.
Save Time
System Gifted to you
After the contract expires, the system is gifted to you. The system should have another 10 years of free electricity left to give and all of this is free electricity.