We can carry out a basic or comprehensive business energy survey. We will tailor this to suit your needs to ensure you get what’s right for your business.

commercial ppa solar

First you measure it

If we are going to completely solve your energy problems, we first need to measure them. In lots of cases, the electric bills can tell a lot of the story, but sometimes they don’t. If we need to understand where every watt of electricity is going, we can meter individual machines, assembly lines, circuits, etc… This can sometimes be done with a single site survey, or sometimes it involves gathering data from a metering system over a number of months.

comprehensive energy survey

Then you manage it

Once you have the full picture, you can take the problem apart one step at a time. We can make changes to existing electrical infrastructure, add new high-efficiency components, and add in new generation sources such as solar pv. We can leave a monitoring system in place to verify your savings and ROI remain on track.

Why carry out an Energy Survey?

An energy survey allows us to understand your energy use and requirements. Generally, the survey highlights several items that can be adjusted to make savings. Some of these could have no cost implications at all, just habit changes. A basic energy survey can sometimes be carried out remotely and at no cost to your business. It’s worth discussing an energy survey with us, so call now to being that process.