There are several grants available in Ireland for energy upgrades. AEI is registered with all of them. Grants are an good way to reduce your investment, improve your ROI and to ensure your system is installed to the latest standards. However, they do come with some paperwork and uncertainty.


LED lighting & Solar Grants For Business

In Ireland, there are grants available for certain technologies and businesses. They range from 30-50% depending on the nature of the business. We will assess each project on its merits, and we can advise if the grant will be worth your time and energy. If your project is suitable for a grant, we will advise, and we can help with the application. The grant scheme for exporters or businesses spending over €70,000 per year on electricity is more predictable. For SMEs the likely hood of getting a grant is quite low.

Get in touch and we will advise on what we feel is right for your business.

Many companies choose to go the non-grant aided route as it takes 4 months from enquiry to commissioning. If you wish to go the grant route, the project and administration can run for 18 months and the outcome is not always predictable.

What is the Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) scheme?

The ACA is a Revenue scheme. How this works, is your company can write off the full cost of the Solar PV installation in year one. This gives savings against your tax bill for that year worth 12.5% if your company is generating profit.

What is the Green Plus grant?

The Green plus scheme is open to SME’s and large companies that are Enterprise Ireland clients. If you are an Enterprise Ireland client, we can advise how to enquire about getting a 30% Green Plus grant towards the costs of your Solar PV installation.

What is the EXCEED grant?

The EXCEED grant is aimed at larger organisations. It takes a wholesome look at your organisation to see where is best to invest in efficiency upgrades. Typically, this grant scheme is aimed at projects in excess of €100,000.


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Should I see if my business can get an SEAI grant?

Yes, contact us and we will see if we can get you a grant. The likelyhood of getting a grant is greater for larger organisations. The SEAI Communities grant is not well suited for Solar PV grants, but the other schemes listed above are.

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Is it difficult to apply for the grant?

We do as much of the application as possible. We only involve you when we need forms signed or certain details not publicly available. It can take 6-12 months to get a decision from SEAI and processing the grant does cost more that going the non-grant aided route.