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Why should my business switch to LED lighting?

Deeper Savings with business solar energy
Cost Saving
If your lights are on, be sure they are generating light in the more cost effective way possible. LED lighting is currently the most cost effective way to light your premises.
Quality of light
LED lighting comes with a stronger and more effective form of light for your business. You can always replicate daylight indoors which is a much nicer form of light to work in.
Fast Payback
Fast Payback
Payback from an LED lighting upgrade is generally 2-5 years. For most business owners or accountants, it's an easy decision to make.
Energy Management
No maintenance costs
With a much longer life span than traditional lighting, the maintenance costs with LED are far lower. Combine that with the health and safety benefits on larger sites and it's an easy decision.
Sell excess energy
Grants and Capital allowances
LED projects can be grant aided by SEAI. Apart from that, all LED lighting upgrades are eligible for the Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) scheme. This scheme allows the total cost of the upgrade to be written off in year one.
Reduce carbon emmisions
Reduced Carbon Footprint
Upgrading to LED lighting is a simple way to bring down your consumption and to reduce your carbon footprint and carbon tax bill for your business.
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Why change to LED lighting?

LED lighting is no longer a new technology. If you have not already upgraded to LED lighting, then you are missing out on huge savings for your business. We always try to combine LED lighting upgrades with other technologies as the fast payback and lighting improvements are appreciated by everyone who upgrades.

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Why use AEI

With over 13 years of experience, we are Ireland's established renewable energy installer. Having worked in SME’s, Blue-chip multinationals, farms, retail and sports clubs in Ireland, we can share our experience to find the right solution for your business.