With more people moving to electric cars, now is the time to get an electric car charging station at your business. Charge your fleet with onsite electricity.

electric car charger

Thinking of installing an electric car charger?

With the growing number of electric cars on our roads, you should consider installing an electric car charger. If your fleet is already electric then its a no brainer, but perhaps you have some vehicles that will soon move to electric or you wish to have an electric charger on-site for visitors. Having a car charger on site is a great way to show your planning for the future.

office electric car charger

Can my electric car charger integrate with a Solar System?

Yes! We can install basic car chargers that just communicate with the grid. These chargers simply pull from the grid and charge a connected car. We recommend our Smart Car Charger that can supply only solar electricity to the car battery.

Why should i install an electric car charging point?

Deeper Savings with business solar energy
Save Money
Charging your car at forecourts will cost around 33c / kWh. You can charge at your own premises for less than half that price.
Reduce carbon emmisions
Reduce CO2 emissions
Electric vehicles emit no CO2. They are a much healthier choice compared to diesel and petrol. Changing your fleet to electric will massively help the environment.
No BIK Tax
No BIK Tax
Currently there is no benefit in kind (BIK) tax on electric vehicles. Great way to give employees some savings on their monthly tax bill.
Energy Management
Reduced maintenance costs
Electric vehicles are cheaper to maintain as they have no oil changes to make. This saves you on oil and also on the oil filters and repairing oil leaks.
Save Time
Save time lost at forecourts
Charging your car while you work at the office is a good time saver. It also cuts down on additional diesel invoices as the power for the car is added to your existing electric bill.
Electric vehicles have excellent performance. From fast acceleration to regenerative breaking.