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Commercial Solar Panels Ireland

Looking for commercial solar? Alternative Energy Ireland (AEI) is a leading commercial solar panel company in Ireland catering to consumers, including big and small commercial clients.

Helping Businesses Install Solar Electricity Since 2006

We have been in the business for years and have carved a niche by producing high-quality solar products. Here’s what makes us unique:

  • We offer complete systems. With AEI as your partner, you will not have to go elsewhere as you’ll get everything under one roof.
  • Our products come with optional insurance so you can enjoy peace of mind.
  • Our solar panels are safe and reliable. There is no risk to your property or electrical items. 
  • AEI can even help you save money through grants such as the Exceed grant and the Green Plus grant with the former designed for large projects going over €100,000.
  • We believe in offering the best service to our consumers and have high standards of customer care. Whether you need after-sales service or answers to your queries, we’ll always be there.
  • Our products are technologically advanced as they’re made using the latest technology.
  • Our installers are certified and experienced in the field.

Our aim is to make energy safer and more affordable. Contact us today to know more about AEI and why our commercial solar system is the best in the business. We are here to answer all your questions about business solar PV systems and their benefits. Call 057 930 0100 to speak to an agent.

The Autarco Output Guarantee

The amount of free electricity that your Autarco PV panels generate is guaranteed unlike any other solar system in Ireland.

If your system yields less than estimated,
you get cashback for every missed kWh!

That gives you peace of mind long into the future.


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Using Our Performance-Made Solar System Autarco

When you choose a solar system, you want a system that will meet all your requirements and be there for you. Businesses choose solar systems as they help them be more self reliant and less dependent on others. It’s also often the first step towards going green. The landscape is changing and many governments now also require businesses to use safe energy and help the environment. By going the solar way, businesses can show how serious they are about helping the environment and also avoid potential legal issues. 

Our performance made solar system Autarco can help businesses achieve these results at a fraction of the cost. Our system is scalable. You will have the option to add more equipment as your requirements increase. We pay special attention to safety protocols and ensure our product is suitable for you. We’re moving towards a technological era and use technologies like the cloud to make our systems more reliable and fun to use.

With our solar panels, you will even be able to save money and cover the cost of equipment and installation in no time. Our systems are easy to maintain and are meant to last a lifetime. Contact us today to know more about AEI and how we can help you. Call 057 930 0100 to speak to an agent.


What Our Customers Say

Return on investment
The average return on investment made by our clients annually from investing in alternative energy with AEi
The number is successful projects completed by AEI since our inception in 2006
5.3 Years
Average Payback
The average number of years it has taken our clients to payback their investment

How it works...

business energy feasibility
Review your bills
Commercial solar Evaluation
Evaluation and Proposal
Tailored proposal made
Preliminaries and contract for renewable energy
Preliminaries and contract
Planning / grant applications commenced
installation of commercial solar
Quick, clean, professional installation
business solar pv panels ireland

Alternative Energy Ireland - What we do

AEI (Alternative Energy Ireland) are renewable energy experts. We help business’ reduce their onsite consumption and we empower them to generate their own electricity, on-site, behind the meter. We survey your building, recommend changes with substantial savings and carry out the design and installation. We can also fund the upgrade, guarantee the savings and claim any relevant grants that are available for your business.

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