Ireland’s Only Commercial Solar PV System With An Output Guarantee.

Welcome to the home of Autarco in Ireland. Ireland’s only Commercial Solar PV system with an output guarantee. Invest in business solar with no risk with AEI and Autarco solar systems.  These solar panels can produce safe electricity to power up a variety of appliances and ensure your work goes smoothly without any hiccups while you get to save money.


Here’s what makes AEI solar panels the best in the business:

AEI solar pv panels are among the most affordable options for businesses in Ireland. Our products offer value for money as we have a commitment to producing top quality products with the latest technology. 
Safe and Reliable
Safety is our top priority and it is made possible thanks to our high standards that ensure all our products meet the required quality and are safe to use. We also offer optional insurance so you can enjoy full peace of mind.
Excellent Customer Support
Working with AEI means a complete experience. Our team of professionals is always ready to answer all your queries and ensure you get exactly what you want. We are quick to respond to questions and go the extra mile to keep our clients happy.
Complete System
When you choose AEI, you are choosing a company that offers not just commercial solar panels but an entire solar PV system. This ensures excellent results as we are in full control of our products and hence can offer guarantees as well.

Why should my business go solar?

Deeper Savings with business solar energy
Cost Saving
Your requirement for electricity will never go away. You can purchase it from the grid at market rates, or generate your own and make substantial savings
Protect against rising energy costs
Protect against rising energy costs
The cost of your business solar electricity is locked down when you sign the contract. If energy costs rise, your savings will increase each year.
Variable unit rate
Guaranteed Savings
A typical ROI would be 15-20%. This equates to a 5-6 year payback for most businesses. Combine that with our output guarantee for real peace of mind.
Reduce carbon emmisions
Reduce carbon emmisions
Energy from the sun is totally free from carbon emissions. It is 100% renewable and sustainable. Our solar PV system greatly reduces your onsite carbon emissions.
Energy Security
Energy Security
Commercial solar PV electricity is reliable, predictable and bankable; making it a great way to provide energy security for your business for the next 30-40 years.
Become a green business
Become a green business
Green Credentials are becoming more and more important these days. From ISO14001 down to the just doing your bit. Solar panels are a great way to improve your green credentials.

Benefits Of Commercial Solar PV

More and more businesses are investing in solar panels as they come with several benefits including:

A Clean Energy Source
PV cells offer green and safe energy that can be used to run all kinds of appliances including sensitive appliances. Also, it can help boost the image of a business as consumers are more likely to prefer companies that support a green future. By going solar, you can show your support for the environment.
Solar panels can be installed anywhere – from big cities to remote villages. Since businesses often have warehouses and factories outside of the main town, solar panels can prove to be highly beneficial. All you need is sunlight and these panels will do their job without any issues.
Reduced Costs
Businesses often shy away from going the solar way due to the costs involved without realising how solar electricity can help reduce the cost in the long-run. It might be a big investment but it comes with great monetary benefits. You will be less dependent on other energy sources and not have to worry about electricity bills. 
Easy Install
Choosing Alternative Energy Ireland for your businesses solar electricity makes it easy. You can hire our experienced professionals to do the job and they’ll take care of everything. Also, it is scalable and you can even move panels if you even shift your base.

The Autarco Output Guarantee

The amount of free electricity that your Autarco PV panels generate is guaranteed unlike any other solar system in Ireland.

If your system yields less than estimated,
you get cashback for every missed kWh!

That gives you peace of mind long into the future.


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Our Approach/Experience

If you want to invest in Solar, why should you accept risk? At AEI, we have Irelands only kWHr output guarantee. This means we deliver exactly what we promise you in our proposal. If there is any shortfall, we have a Lloyds Bank backed insurance policy that will pay you for any shortfall in the savings.

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Why use AEI

With over 13 years of experience, we are Ireland's established commercial renewable energy & solar installer. Having worked in SME’s, Blue-chip multinationals, farms, retail, and sports clubs in Ireland, we can share our experience to find the right solution for your business.