As a business owner in Ireland, you may be thinking about upgrading to energy-efficient lighting. However, before making the switch, you have questions: what will these upgrades include, and how much will they cost? Below, we’re answering your most commonly asked questions about energy-efficient lighting, including if it’s worth it. 

What is Energy Efficient Lighting? 

Energy-efficient lighting is the process of replacing or updating any lamps or lighting fixtures that use incandescent bulbs with those that are energy-efficient, such as LED and also including the installation of sensor-based controls and timers to help conserve energy when not in use. 

What are the Benefits of LED Lighting Upgrades?

There are a number of reasons why you should upgrade all of your lighting to something more energy efficient. While some of these reasons are financial in nature, others are more eco-friendly. Here are a few of the benefits below:

1. You Save Energy

Simply put, not only are you using less energy in general but spending less money on it. You can swap out old, outdated parts for LED lighting upgrades that cut down on energy consumption and lower your bill in the process. This type of lighting may also allow for employees greater control over their lighting, meaning you could save even more money in the process.

2. Better Quality of Lighting

You can utilise the upgrades as a way to retrofit new lighting to fix old lighting problems. LED lights are more consistent, last longer, improve color, reduce flicker, and produce a greater light output.

3. Less Maintenance

Due to the long-lasting nature of LED lighting, bulbs are less likely to burn out which means they will last longer and require less maintenance. If you’re looking to replace your entire lighting system, it’s a way to do away with an old, outdated lighting system that may require maintenance and start fresh with a new system that will help reduce costs long term.

4. Cleaner Air

Electricity is produced at plants by using a combustion process that adds pollutants to the air, which leads to global warming, acid rain, and other environmental issues. With less consumption of electricity, emissions of CO2 and SO2 can be reduced.

5. Better Productivity

Many modern workers spend a lot of time on the job compared to the generations before them. It’s easy to get distracted if there’s a glare on the screen, or if a light flickers, or maybe the colour temperature is off, whether those employees know it or not. Little differences like this that would get fixed by installed LED lights can help improve productivity in the workplace.

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade to LED Lights? 

The average incandescent light bulb could cost as little as €2. To upgrade to an energy-efficient lighting system, the average cost of 5 Watt LED fittings is around €6 a piece.

This price will vary depending on the number of lumens. The price will also vary depending on what kinds of efficient bulbs you use. For example, Smart LED bulbs typically cost between €40-€100 a piece because they have the voice-activated colour-changing capability and can be turned on or off remotely. 

While the initial cost might be a jump from what you’d normally pay for incandescent bulbs, the average business can save 60-70% on their lighting costs, while improving lighting quality and reducing maintenance costs.

LED Lighting Upgrades for Commercial Properties

Electricity bills are often one of the most expensive bills a commercial property owner has. After all, everything in your building needs to be properly lit. But, did you know that the average €8 LED bulb can stay on for 25,000 hours? You’d have to purchase 11 x €2 incandescent bulbs to achieve that. This is just one of the reasons why commercial properties benefit from a LED lighting upgrade. 

The transition to LED lighting can save companies a minimum of 60-70% on their lighting bill. However, it’s possible to save up to 90% of your current bill. Furthermore, there isn’t a lot of ongoing maintenance required as these efficient bulbs every 5-10 years, depending on usage. 

When a Lighting Upgrade Makes Sense

An instance when a lighting upgrade makes sense is if you’re a business owner. Let’s say you’re just starting out and you need to keep costs down, or maybe you’ve been around for a little bit and you want to cut costs somewhere without sacrificing something major, as previously mentioned, switching to an LED lighting solution can help keep your bill down, saving you money in the long term. This kind of solution especially makes sense if your business uses lights for long periods of time or if you’re in an older building where the lighting system requires more maintenance and eats up a lot of energy in the process. Buildings with older lighting systems tend to be highly inefficient when it comes to energy use, and if your business is in a building that pre-dates the 1980’s, it may suffer from excessive luminance on top of that, which not only means it may be overlit but will eat up even more energy on top of an already inefficient lighting system.

Ready to Make Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades? Alternative Energy Ireland Can Help!

Upgrading to energy-efficient lighting can not only save you money over the long haul but is better for your home and health. Traditional incandescent bulbs cause higher emissions of carbon dioxide and make it more difficult to cool buildings during the summer months. If you’re in an older building, you most likely have a highly inefficient lighting system that eats up energy and sends your electric bill through the roof. Whatever your reason is for upgrading, the trained professionals at Alternative Energy Ireland (AEI) can help. AEI is the leading renewable energy source in Ireland. If you want to upgrade your company’s lighting, give us a call at 057 930 0100 to get started.