Job Description

St Jude’s GAA Club is based in South Dublin and has a high demand for hot water with 50 showerheads. During our system design, we established that heating water constituted a large part of the club’s overall energy bill. This led the club to examine methods of lowering the impact that heating water had on their bills and the environment. The solution considered most feasible was a design by AEI for Solar Hot Water collectors and a large hot water vessel. AEI installed 100 high-efficiency Solar Tubes along with a 1,000 litre buffer vessel.

The hot water was fed from the buffer into their oil-fired water heater (ACV unit). The ACV which ran 100% of the time before, now only runs during winter or to top up the Solar Heated water. Solar tubes are highly effective at providing hot water for sports clubs, domestic needs, factory process or washdown. This system, like most Solar installs, was a simple and effective install. We worked with the club to draw down all available grants which helped ensure the payback was 8.2 years.

“AEI designed a Solar Hot Water system according to our requirements. The solar installation was carried out in a very effective manner, with minimum disruption. The system is also very easy for us to maintain.”

Declan Feore – Facilities Manager.