Annamore Court is a large apartment block completed in Dublin 10 in 2017. The apartment block consisted of 82 apartments of different sizes.

Solar PV is one of the most common forms of renewable energy on the planet. It is a great way to meet Part L of the building regs, but more importantly, it generates free electricity in a sustainable and efficient manner.

We worked with the engineering team from design stage right through to the signing of the ancillary certs. The building has a flat zinc roof with a low pitch of 10°. We had to source specific clamps to attach to the zinc roof profile. We were then able to install our rails and panels without compromising the integrity of the roof.

The installation was carried out over 3 months due to the construction method of the buildings. Commissioning was completed in 2 days for all 82 systems.


The Problem

The problem was meeting Part L would be costly with Heat Pumps or Solar Thermal on this project. The client wanted a simple solution with little or no maintenance.

The Solution

The Solution comprised of 158 Tier 1 monocrystalline Solar PV Panels and 82 Solis inverters. A specialist zinc profile roof mounting kit was also sourced.

The Benefit

The building achieved Part L compliance with this Solar install and each apartment will see savings on their electricity bills for the next 25-30 years.


“We found AEI to be a highly competent and professional installer of these solar systems. Despite a complex layout to the site and a sensitive zinc profile roof structure, the installation was done with great attention to detail and care”

John Corr - JCPS

Download the case study here:

Annamore court case study