As many of you might have heard, a few months back, Alternative Energy Ireland (AEI), your trusted solar panel provider, took a significant step that promises an exciting new chapter in our journey. We joined forces with the global energy powerhouse, Certa Ireland, a DCC PLC company.

Today, we wanted to share our story with you – our esteemed customers, partners, and suppliers – and explore what this collaboration means for our customers, our company, and our continuing commitment to renewable energy in Ireland.


From humble beginnings to leaders in solar energy


Established in 2007, AEI was born out of a belief driven by family and a need to do some good – a belief in a more sustainable future, empowered businesses, and an Ireland powered by renewable energy.

Our journey has been a testament to resilience and innovation, weathering the storms of the economic recession in which the company was founded, and navigating the complexities of recent global events including the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the global energy crisis and skyrocketing inflation.


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Empowering businesses and driving sustainable energy solutions


Solar power was once seen as a futuristic concept, but at Alternative Energy Ireland, we had always felt that this future wasn’t coming quickly enough. In the face of ever-rising fuel prices and the pressing demand for energy independence, solar power has finally emerged as the practical answer for businesses across Ireland.

Our journey over the past 2 years has taken some extraordinary turns. From a compact team of 6, we expanded to 21 in just 12 months, propelled by the surge in demand for a reliable, alternative source of energy.

Central to our growth has been our commitment to offering the best – a risk-free solar solution courtesy of our partnership with the Dutch supplier Autarco, delivering high-quality, high-performance solar products, with a guaranteed output.


An eye towards the future: AEI & Certa’s collaboration


As Certa’s first acquisition in the renewable sector, this move affirms that even traditional energy companies can pivot successfully towards renewable energy.

This partnership will empower us to focus on our core objective – being the BEST solar provider in Ireland. Certa will ease the burden of non-core functions, allowing us to stay focused on innovation, quality, speed and – of course – customer service.


Looking ahead: a bright future with strengthened relationships


As we step into this new era, we keenly anticipate an expanding, deepening relationship with our customers, suppliers, and partners. This acquisition by Certa is more than just a business move – it’s a step towards a more sustainable future, a testament to the power of small ideas and the impact they can have on a national scale.


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Stepping into a sustainable future


As Steven, our founder, aptly puts it:

Not in my wildest dreams did I think that the small idea of improving the world for our children and empowering businesses across Ireland would grow from my front room to becoming part of an Irish PLC with sales over €22B last year. And with Certa behind us, we have our eyes firmly set on new horizons – a future driven by consumer-generated electricity for all of Ireland.”

So, as we progress into this new chapter of our story, we remain committed to leaving the world in a better state for future generations. Together, we have the power to change the world, one solar panel at a time.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with us. Here’s to a brighter, more sustainable future!


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